Inspection of Product Related Hazmat
  • Test of Containers for Transporting Hazardous Materials

    • This test aims to secure the safety of transportation containers by testing their safety, structural appropriateness, reactivity with the material to be stored, etc. The containers inspected by KFI are those designed with a structure to be unladed by mechanical means, and the test items include drop test, air tightness test, pressure test, stack test, lower part lifting up test, upper part lifting up test, push-fall over test, and raising test.
  • Hazardous Material Facilities Safety Product Inspection System

    • This system allows the users of the products installed on or used in hazardous material facilities can select good products having passed the type approval test and product performance test conducted in accordance with certified test methods and standards, and the manufacture to improve product quality, competitive power and safety, on the basis of thorough technical verification of safety from the installation step.
    • Objects

    • Flame Arrester

      Breather Valve

      Emergency Vent Cover

      Form Chamber

      PIV, Post Indicator Valve

      Form Tank

      Expansion Joint Pipe

      Auxiliary Foam Hydrant

      Double Piping of Hazardous Synthetic Resins

  • Leak Detector for UST

    • Detects oil lead and moisture of double wall type storage tank, through oil leak detection tube, and send alarm signal to the controlled in control room so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken immediately.  

      Leak Detectors are tested by type approval test and performance test. The type approval test verifies the compliance of the structure, design, material and performance to the technical standard specified by applicable laws and regulations. For the leak detectors having obtained type approval certificates, the compliance to the Article 102, Detailed Standard of Hazardous Material Safety Management is tested.