Inspection of Aboveground StorageTank
  •  Safety Performance

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    • Outdoor Tanks
    • The outdoor tanks storing hazmat must be inspected for safety prior to the storage. KFI is conducting the inspections on the ground and weldment, and full-water test of outdoor tanks with capacity of 1 million liters or more. Tanks less than million liters can be inspected by fire station, tank tested, or KFI with full-water test.
    • Base Rock Tanks
    • The base rock tanks used to store crude oil, etc., underground are investigated for their bearing capacity, hydrographic conditions, and dimensional changes of the cave during excavation work, to secure safety.
  • Periodic Inspection

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    • KFI is conducting the inspections on the outdoor tanks with capacity of 1 million liters or more (specific outdoor tank storage) to check safety during use. The test items include evenness and verticality measurement, thickness measurement, NDT and appearance inspection. Regular inspections (structural safety inspection) shall be conducted by the facility operator and KFI provides sampling test services.

    • Regular Inspection Period:
      - Period before 12 years from the date of issuance of the construction completion inspection certificate.
      - Period before 11 years from the last regular inspection.

  •  Completion Inspection

    • Completion Inspections are conducted at completion of installation or change of position, structure or installation, to verify compliance to the engineering standard specified in the Hazardous Materials Safety Management Act.