• test
  • test
  • Class 1 Oxidizing Solid: Combustion test, drop ball impact sensitiveness test

  • Class 2 Flammable Solid: Small flame ignition test, flashing point test

  • Class 3 Spontaneous Ignition and water reactive substances: Spontaneous ignition test, water reactivity test

  • Class 4 Flammable Liquid: Flashing point test, fire point test, ignition point, boiling point test

  • Class 5 Self-reactive Substances: Thermal analysis test, pressure vessel test

  • Class 6 Oxidizing Liquid Combustion test

  • Testing for MSDS
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) provides the information of a chemical in relation with the physical, health and environmental hazardousness of the substance.
  • Test Item

  • UEL (Upper Explosive Limit), LEL (Lower Explosive Limit), vapor pressure, hydrogen ion concentration, melting point, specific gravity, ignition point, etc.
  • Test Apparatuses

  • test

    UEL and LEL tester

  • EX

    Ignition point tester

  •  Model Certificate Test of Articles for Ships
  • Model Certificate System for Articles for Ships
  • The engines, rescue and fire-fighting apparatuses for ships are tested in accordance with the model test procedures of authorized institute to obtain model certificate of the Minister of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affairs (MLTM).
  • Objective Articles
  • 19 items, including Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher, Low Expansion Foam Concentrates, Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishing Agent, Non-combustible Materials, Foam Extinguishing Agent(Chemical Type), Foam Extinguishing Agent(Mechanic Type), Chemical Type Foam Extinguisher, Mechanic Type Foam Extinguisher, Fire Hose, Nozzle, Throwing Type Fire Extinguishing Tool
  • High-Efficiency Test
  • What is High Efficiency Energy Machinery?
  • The products having excellent energy saving performance and effective for reducing carbon dioxide emission.
  • Objective Articles
  • LED Exit Light
  •  Good Quality Certificate System
  • Since fire-fighting products are very important for the protection of life and properties of people, they must be tested prior to distribution and use in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. However, since most of fire-fighting products are not selected by the end user but purchased and installed by the constructor, lower-priced products are preferred. As such, the manufacturers are not positive in quality improvement and product development. This system tests, compares and publicize the quality levels of the manufactures and products to promote quality competitiveness and encourage quality improvement by granting support to good quality products and their manufacturers.
  • Benefits
  • Support from KFI:

  • Support for product commercialization and system activation of NEMA

  • Discount in fire-fighting product inspection fee(10%)

  • Advanced issuance of product inspection certificate

  • Advertisement through publication related with fire-fighting and KFI website

  • Provision of technical information

  • Support from Public Procurement Service (PPS)

  • Extra marks (5 points) in the Dependability Evaluation of Good Product by PPS
    - Regulation on the Good Product Procurement Designation and Management (PPS Notification 2009-4)

  • Recognized as quality-certified product in the examination of excellent common trademark procurement items by PPS
    - Regulation on designation and management of the excellent common trademark procurement items (PPS Notification 2009-11)

  • 형식인정시험 표
    Classification Objective Equipment
    Fire Extinguisher Classification Kitchen Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguishing Agent, Disposable Fire Extinguishing Appliances(Throwable Type, Aerosol Type), Cabinet Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Automatic Spread Fire Extinguishing System, Automatic Fire Extinguishing System(Gaseous, Dry Chemical, Condensed Aerosol)
    Alarm Classification 2 items, including Detector, Manual Call Point, Fire Bell, Exit Light, Current Leakage Alarm Unit, Gas Leakage alarm unit
    Machinery 4 items, including Fire escape ladder, Automatic Decending Life Line, Life Chute, Fire Hose, Nozzle, Water Transmission Hole, Air Respirator, Water Pressure Switching Device for Actuation
    Flame Retardant Classification Fire Retarding Agents
  •  Inspection by Specialized Institute for Public Goods Procurement
  • The system for inspection of government-procured goods by special, authorized organization, instead of inspection officer of the requesting organization.
  • Objective Articles
  • 20 items, including Manganese Battery, Nozzle, Alarm System, Station Wear
  •  Asbestos Inspection
  • Inclusion of asbestos in building materials and/or facilities, including the type, concentration and the positions of the facilities containing asbestos are inspected.
  • Local Sample Analysis (asbestos in the air)

  • Particles in the air of the work site are collected and analyzed o measure particle concentration.
  • Solid Specimen Analysis (solid asbestos)

  • Samples are taken from building/construction materials to test concentration of asbestos.
  • Classification
  • Analysis of Asbestos at Dismantling and Removal

  • Inspect asbestos content with the history and/or composition analysis of the building materials and facilities prior to removal prepare asbestos map when the survey and inspection have been completed.

  • Take the local samples before, during and after the removal of buildings or other structures to analyze asbestos concentration.

  • Preparation of Asbestos Map

  • Solid samples are taken from the materials of existing buildings and analyzed for the content, type and concentration of asbestos to make out asbestos map.